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- PLAN BUDGET We help to plan the budget for all project with our sincere advice and professionalism to give our client a peace of mind. With our expertise and total solutions, we ensure our proposal always meet our client budget and expectations.

- DESIGN PLANNING Based on study and analysis of cultural behavior, we deliver a total solutions and design that reflecting the client’s business in a future perspective. We develop the layout plan to suit their occupancy and implement the right design concept for our client to ensure the outcomes blend in with the corporate identity.

- MARKETING DETAILING After design stage, we always carefully choose and proposed the right colour and material for our client. Detailing will be prepared by design team before goods being constructed to ensure the outcomes as per client requirements, safe and practical for usage.

- WORK SCHEDULE FORMATION Before works carry out on site, work schedule will be formed by our project team. This is to ensure all works carry out meet the timeline and client able to move in at the time as per requested. We always able to meet our client time frame as per our project team supervise.

- SITE SUPERVISE STAGE We supervise projects to ensure all works carry out according to schedule and always update our client for the progress during renovation works. Site Supervision always ensure work in time and safety is important for all kind of construction works.

- AFTER SALES SERVICES After sales services is very important to all project. Minor alterations or addition of few workstations is not an issue for BUILDITECT. Our clients can set their mind at ease as we assure them of continuous service and support, and customer satisfaction is not just lip service but guaranteed.

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